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Friday 26th January 2018....
On The Rocks Re-opens! 11h00 until Late. 0287542367
Phone: 028 754 2367
Alternative Phone: 0825543349
Address: 52 Osler St, Still Bay, 6674, South Africa
GPS: -34.3647470,21.4171810
Town: Stilbaai
Contact: Tony Jardim

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03-Apr-18 - LOGAN BRUWER
What an absolute disgrace. With a family of small children we requested the semi enclosed stoep area so as not to disturb the other patrons with our children's chatting. Received wrong drinks order, when I questioned the waitress there was no apology, I was simply told, its ok I will amend it on bill so you pay for what you received. A group then sat down at the table next to us and started smoking, questioned waiter and was blatantly told that is a smoking area and they can smoke there as it is outside (it is not, is semi enclosed) & told to just take it up with management. Moved indoors, food arrived, vegetables tasteless, rest acceptable until my son pulled a blonde hair out of the batter on the fish. Cut our meal short & left, will never subject myself to this restaurant again.

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Fantasties lekker. Dankie!!

Comment by On The Rocks
Dankie baie!!

21-Feb-18 05:13 PM

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What an improvement! The new On the Rocks is definately much better. New interior and better quality food. The menu may be the same but the food preparation is much better. I love the takeaway containers with the compartments. I had a Surf and Turf and the steak was as soft as butter. The chips were crispy and the calamari fresh and tender. The food wasn’t oily and very fresh. The perfect Surf and Turf. The staff are friendly and there is definately a new, positive atmosphere that you can sense when you walk in. Well done On the Rocks. Well done to the new management. Keep it up!

Comment by On The Rocks
Thank you for the generous rating Sir!

15-Feb-18 05:33 PM

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We were regulars at the old On the Rocks. Excited, we booked and arrived tonight to try out the new On the Rocks. We always bring our own MCC brut bubbly because very few restaurants in Stilbaai stock this and we prefer it with our fish. On arrival at OtR we were told by the manageress no byo drinks are allowed. We offered to pay corkage. She said no, she has set up a very expansive, very good wine list. We sit down and open the wine list to find a very minimal choice wine list with no MCC on. We ask the manageress if we can please use our own MCC. She refused, said she can’t make an exception as they have only opened last night. She said later on they might accept byo drinks but not now. She said they would get better later as they are newly opened. We got up and left the restaurant.

Comment by On The Rocks
We as new owners of On The Rocks Restaurant, are in the process of approaching wine farms in Western Cape and we are compiling an extensive wine list which we will put together. We cannot stock all that is out there. If patrons wish to drink a particular favourite which On The Rocks does not keep, then prior arrangements can be made where we will either try and get that particular wine/bubbly or allow patrons to bring their own if we are unable to source it in time and charge a corkage fee. Alicia, our Manageress, had already told this to two tables near your table before you arrived, and they were happy to try out the wine on our list currently (which will grow and become extensive over time), so she felt that they would be very upset, if she were to make an exception after that. I apologise on her behalf, and I am sorry that it spoiled your evening. If you would like, I would like to offer you a free bottle of your MCC brut if you would like to ever visit On The Rocks again.

29-Jan-18 08:06 AM

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Ons woon al 8 jaar in Stilbaai. In die tyd het ons, sowel as ons kuiergaste oa van Europa, by On the Rocks ge-eet. Hulle kos is altyd vars, smaaklik en hulle diens is baie goed. Hulle vergelyk goed met groot restaurante in die Kaap!

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