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Imagine swimming in beautifully clean mountain spring water, warmed by the sun, with a stunning view of the mountains running down towards you. Imagine tracing lines in the condensation running down the glass of your free ice cold drink as you admire the view from your comfortable sun lounger under a cloudless sky with a gentle breeze cooling you from over the water of a beautiful crystal clear lake. Imagine walking on soft green grass under arches laden with beautiful roses, breathing in their scent as you amble past a spring of soft water tinkling over rocks into a stream. Imagine dipping your toe into the clear water of a rill, burbling its way between the rocks in an orchard full of fruit trees and olives, while the air, filled with birdsong, comfortably warms your body. Imagine watching the sunset reflected pink and gold against the green velvet backdrop of the mountains, sipping a glass of something delicious and listening to the evening chorus as day drifts softly into night. Imagine the wonderful wood smell of a warm Finnish sauna cabin, where the dry air warms your body and releases the tensions of the day, and the bubbling effervescence of the Jacuzzi where the jets gently massage your body as the warm water envelops you. Imagine curling up in front of a roaring fire which keeps the cold at bay, or enjoying the warmth of the heated floor percolating up from your toes in your bathroom where you can enjoy the exquisite sensations of Rain products as they pamper your skin and hair. Imagine enfolding yourself in soft duvets with crisply ironed Egyptian cotton sheets, cool in summer and gently warmed in winter, on a really comfortable bed where you can drift away into dreamland. Imagine sideboards groaning with homemade breads, scones, muffins and jams, handmade cheeses, beautiful ham, pate and salami, freshly squeezed juices, freshly made fruit salads with creamy yoghurts and home baked honey muesli, the aromas of freshly ground coffee and fine teas brewed specially for you. When you stay at the Hideaway in Swellendam, you don’t have to use your imagination for any of this, just relax, unwind and enjoy the experience.

Phone: 028 514 3316
Alternative Phone: 076 325 8656
Address: 10 Hermanus Steyn St, Swellendam, 6740, South Africa
GPS: -34.0191380,20.4508740
Town: Swellendam
Contact: Stephen and Jackie

Responds in Less than 1 hour

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