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Bee Things supplies a wide range of 100% pure South African honey with different natural flavours such as Eucalyptus (blue gum), Wild Flowers, Cape Fynbos, Onion, Canola, Orange Blossoms and Lucerne. These[KF2] are all made from a mixture of flowers by honey bees from all over the Western and Southern Cape regions of South Africa. Bee Things honey is extracted and produced in such a way as to maintain its integrity. Nothing is added or removed from the honey, so customers can enjoy all the goodness of the honey the way the bees made it. We sell bulk honey, beeswax, handmade gifts, cosmetics containing honey and beeswax, sweets, candles, children’s toys and a selection of handcrafted items. We also make handcrafted honey gifts for weddings and corporate functions. Honey on Tap is our best attraction and forms a big part of our brand, so bring your container and we will refill it for you.

Phone: 028 514 2402
Address: 1 Faure St, Swellendam, 6740, South Africa
GPS: -34.0170360,20.4507900
Town: Swellendam

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