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WHY MAXIDOR? We have been securing homes and businesses for over 30 years – We have over 30 awards to prove this! We have the fastest delivery in the industry – simply because we care! We are the original SLAMLOCK– and others have tried to follow, but in essence they have not succeeded We designed the original STRONG FLIGHT We are the only company to offer the BUY-BACK GUARANTEE – We are so confident in Ultra design, that this product offers a 10 year BUY-BACK, and a 5 year product guarantee We make use of superior materials in the design of our product We are the only company that uses chemical anchoring methods, to ensure our fixing methods are superior All our employees are screened for historic and current criminal activity by EMPS We use Polyester Powder Coating – ensuring an Ultra Finish. UV stabilised, and specified for outdoor use Maxidor Ultra features Double upright design: Why do we not use a single upright – we have learned that single uprights don’t offer adequate time to act, in case of security risk Our experience has shown us that the flights are most effective when protected by uprights on either side Our uprights are made from SAE 10 10 Mild streel, are 12.77 squared, and have a wall thickness of 0.9mm. This means there is 13.6 mm of steel between you and any possible threat Some of our competitors’ flagship products offer as little as 4.8mm of Mild steel between you and a possible threat Nylon components: They are quiet They are flexible, and can withstand impact due to its elasticity It has been UV stabilized, to ensure its colour and integrity stays intact for many years Even after 5 minutes of burning in fuel, the door was still fully operational! Flights (scissor-like braces) We patented the style flight years ago – making our security products “Pretty but Tough” We added a STRONG FLIGHT to our design, rendering the infamous bolt cutter useless Rivets We use semi tubular stainless steel rivets, SS403 Most of our competitors use nickel plated copper rivets – we believe copper is used for jewellery manufacturing The rivets are air curled, on torque controlled tables, ensuring maximum strength from each rivet Aluminium Tracks Although these are Ultra strong, and great protection against rust, they Look Ultra-modern, and therefore Ultra-pretty They have an anti-slip design, and the top track has a “curtain” on either side hiding the rivets We are the original SLAMLOCK Our lock has 4 locking points Made from brass, the lock is designed to withstand quite a hammering. The material is soft enough to be pliable around the locking mechanism, rendering prolonged attacks with hammer and chisel useless In one test, this lock withstood a pull force of 2.6 tons, at which point the welding on the pin broke, but the lock remained intact We have not recorded a BUY-BACK claim due to a break-in through our lock Most of our competitors make use of a hook lock design that is cylinder operated. The cylinder, normally manufactured from steel, is less pliable, and does not stand under attack. In fact, it is removed rather easily, with hammer and chisel, leaving the locking mechanism exposed and vulnerable on a hook lock design. Maxi-Grill Ultra features Single upright design Unlike our double upright door, the Maxi-Grill is a fixture, and therefore does not need the double upright to protect the flight (scissor-like braces). The flights are not only decorative, but also offer structural stability. Should the Maxi-Grill be installed horizontally, we recommend that a support beam be added for any width larger than 500mm, to ensure the structural strength is not affected. (When flights are not present) Our uprights are made from SAE 10 10 Mild streel, are 15.88 squared, and have a wall thickness of 1.2mm The uprights are spaced at 150mm centres, meaning the gap between the uprights is 134 mm. Our extensive research and experience in our industry taught us that this spacing is less obstructive to your view, but offers ultra-resistance to any threat, even that of a juvenile Lug-Channel Design This C-channel design ensures that any attempt at removing the upright from this channel is thwarted. The open side down fastening method ensures that when a threat attempts to remove the upright with force, the C-channel bites into the upright, and holds on to it. The more you tamper with it – the tighter its bite becomes The channel is manufactured from SAE10 10 Mild steel, has a wall thickness of 1.6mm, and is punched for precision fitment Some of our competitors use a U-channel design, installed open side up. Once you start applying horizontal force to the upright, the U-Channel will bend outwards, rendering the upright free from its fixing, and allowing entry. This U-Channel design is normally manufactured from extruded Aluminium. We believe this material is more suitable for soft drink cans We use Polyester Powder Coating – ensuring an Ultra Finish. UV stabilize, and specified for outdoor use.

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