Top Twenty

Advertising on Top Twenty

Top Twenty is very unique. We focus almost exclusively on smaller towns and cities with a strong emphasis on community and local advertising. We provide marketing opportunities to local businesses normally only available to larger, national businesses.

Search engine marketing can be very effective for large businesses but not for small, local businesses. Local businesses need to focus their advertising to potential customers in their immediate area and search engines cannot offer this effectively.

Cost is a big issue for any businesses, but more so for small, local businesses. They cannot compete for clicks or conversions with large companies with huge budgets. Top Twenty makes it affordable for local businesses to compete where it counts.

Listing a business on Top Twenty is completely free, and will always be. In addition there are sponsored listings and display advertising opportunities for businesses. At this point in time, sponsored listings are free for a limited launch period.

Sponsored Listings

A sponsored listing can be found on a Town Page. The advertising listings on the top right of the page with the AD indicator are sponsored listings.

There are five sponsored listing spots available on the Town Page.

On the Search Results Page there are an additional five sponsored listing spots. (To be implemented shortly)

Adding a sponsored listing

  1. If you have added and claimed your Place, you are ready to add a sponsored listing.
  2. Go to "My Profile" (top menu)
  3. Click on SPECIALS
  4. Add a Special Offer
  5. Make sure you add a nice image for your listing. Images are added by editing your place. Ideal size is 800 X 800 pixels.
  6. Your Special is now live on your Place Page.
  7. The Special will also be shown on the sponsored listing spots mentioned above.

How do we determine which ADS to show?

Top Twenty has developed its own proprietary algorithm called "TT Rating" for the display of advertising and listings based on a number of factors including, but not limited to, relevance, credibility, click through rates, conversions, business response times, reviews and ratings.

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