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Top Twenty is a champion of consumer rights. Top Twenty is a Not-for profit voluntary organisation in accordance with the Non-Profit Organisations Act 71/1997 with perpetual succession. We fight for the rights of consumers to receive quality service and quality products.

There are thousands of directory web pages and apps. The problem is, they are all too complicated. Top Twenty is a simple, straightforward service that allows you to Add, Find, Review and Rate any place.

Tired of not finding a good place to eat? Forgot the number of the dentist? Need directions? Top Twenty does all that for you. It's easy to use and the best thing is, it's absolutely free (and always will be).

All the places on Top Twenty are added by users. Ratings, reviews and photo's are added by users. Top Twenty is totally user driven. We do however moderate all entries and ratings. If you find something untoward, please let us know.

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Happy searching.

The Top Twenty Team