Top Twenty

How To Use Top Twenty Effectively

Top Twenty is all about the customer. Top Twenty is designed for customers to find places easily and then to be able to rate and review them. We do this because at the end of the day it's the customers that pay for the services they receive. The customer is king.

For businesses that are serious about building long-term and sustainable businesses, Top Twenty offers many ways for businesses to reach these customers. This is a short tutorial about how to use Top Twenty effectively, as a business.

Let's start with some basic terminology. You will hear me refer to these terms regularly.


Users must be registered in order to be able to Add a Place, Rate and Review a Place, Claim a Place, Manage a Place, Edit a Place or Add specials for a Place. You register by clicking on the Register link on the home page, or by clicking on the Login menu item on the top menu. After clicking on the Register link, complete the form.

User Verification

You will receive a Verification email. You must click on the link in the email so that we can confirm that your email address is correct. Once you have clicked on the link, you will be a Verified Top Twenty User.


After you have been Verified, you can login. Click on the Login menu item on the top of the page and enter your email address and your password. Top Twenty will now remember your login detaqils and you will not need to login again, unless you logged out.


Places are businesses. We call them places because Top Twenty is about more than just businesses. A Place could also be a nature reserve.

The moment a Place is added the Place will receive an email to inform them that their Place has been added. They can then claim the Place directly from the email, or by going to Top Twenty and claiming the Place from there.

Place Verification

Places are verified through a process called the Top Twenty Verification Process. Basically a Place becomes a verified Place in two stages:

Once a Place has been Verified, the Verified by Top Twenty Badge is displayed on the Place Page.


As mentioned above, Claimed means someone claimed the Place. A person who has successfully claimed a Place will become the authorised representative of the Place.

Place Page

A Place Page is a mini web page of each Place. This is where all the contact detail, description and photos are of a Place.

You can claim your Place by going to the Place Page. This is the mini web page of the Place. You can find your place by first selecting the Town where your Place is located and then the sub category. Or you can search for the place by entering your Place Name. Once you are on the Place Page, you can scroll down to the section where you will find the link to Claim The Place. Click on the link and follow the prompts.

Once you have completed the process of Claiming the Place, it will not be automatically yours. We will first go through our own verification process to determine if you have the authority to claim the Place. It can take up to 24 hours for a Claim to be awarded.

Once you have been awarded the Claim you will receive a confirmation email. You can now log in and start managing your Place.

My Profile

"My Profile" is the menu item on the top of the page where you can manage everything. This is where you edit your own personal profile and where you will find the Places you have successfully claimed.

You will find your Places on the right. From here you can Edit the Place or Remove yourself as the representative. You will also see links to your Inbox, where your Contact messages will be saved as well as a link to manage your Specials. We will get to that later.

Edit Place

From the My Profile page you can Edit your Place. Click on the Edit link and you can now change the information about the Place. You can change the description, contact number etc.

You can also add photo's for your Place. You can add up to 12 photos. If your photos are the correct size, you can select one of them as a Cover Photo. The Cover Photo is the Photo that is big and on the top of the Place Page. You can also select to remove the name of your Place from your Place Page. You will want to do this if you have a customised Cover Image with your logo or Place name on.

You can also manage your Colour Scheme. There are a few colour schemes to choose from. Choose one that is complimentary to your logo, or business colours.


The Inbox is where all your incoming contact messages go. A customer can send you an email directly from your Place Page by filling in the Contact Form. You will receive this communication in your email and it will also be accessible from your Inbox on Top Twenty.


You can add Specials for your Place. Specials are essentially adverts. We call them Specials because special offers work better than just an advertisement of your Place. A Special could be a discounted price for Pizza's or a Special breakfast deal. Have a look around on the Search Page to see what Specials look like.

Click on the Specials link on the ME page and you can add a Headline, 2 lines of text a price and also select a photo for the Special. The photos displayed here are your Place Photos. So if you want to add a particular photo for the Special, then Edit you Place and add the photo there.

Once you have added the Special, it will be displayed on your Place Page and also rotated on our Sponsored Listings on the search Page and Town Page. You can edit or delete your Specials at any time.


Rankings are the order in which places are displayed on any search page. The order is determined by the proprietary algorithm developed by Top Twenty called the TT-Rating.

The algorithm takes into consideration the following factors:

All these factors determine a score which we call the TT-Rating. This rating determines the ranking of a Place. The higher the ranking, the higher the Place will appear on the search results. For this reason you may see a Place with a high review score, appearing below a Place with a lower review score. Reviews are not the only metric used to determine the TT-Rating. The TT-Rating is also used to select the winner of each categroy every month and at the end of the year.